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2020-01-25 CNY Departure : Kenya - Nakuru /​ Masai Mara | All Inclusive 5N Land Package

Fully Booked! Thanks for the support! 2019-08-01 Dept: Mongolia 6D5N Adventure Cycling Tour

13Nov19' Dept | FotoBeginner - Angkor Photography Tour | 5D4N | KA

2019-09-29 Anilao Casa Escondida 5D4N Diving Package

2019-10-01 Sipadan 7D6N Diving Packages - Travel with Instructor Ben Lee

2019-10-19 Maldives Blue Force One (Leo) Luxury Liveaboard 9D7N

2019-10-26 Maldives Ocean Sapphire Luxury Liveaboard 9D7N

2019-11-17 M/​V Galapagos Sky 7 Night Liveaboard Dive Package - Travel with John Ng

2019-11-29 Bohol Deep Blue 5 day 4 night - Travel with Instructor Andrew Yeung

2020-01-23 CNY Bohol Deep Blue 6D5N

2020-01-26 CNY Anilao Altamare 5D4N Diving Package

2020-01-26 CNY P.G. El Galleon 5D4N Diving Package

2020-01-26 CNY Raja Ampat Safari VI 6N Liveaboard - Travel with Amanda Lam

2020-03-06 Maldives Sachika *Deep South* LOB 10D8N - Travel with Andrew Sir

2020-04-12 Easter Holiday Raja Ampat Safari VIII 6N Liveaboard - Lead by Andrew Sir

2020-04-25 Komodo Safari VII Liveaboard 9D7N (GA)

2020-04-30 Anilao Altamare 5D4N Diving Package - Travel with Andrew

2020-08-01 Komodo Cheng Ho 8D7N Liveaboard (CX) - Travel with Vicky Cheung

2021-02-12 Maldives Princesa Luluka *Deep South* Luxury LOB 10D8N - Travel with Vicky Cheung

Group Departure: 2020-01-26 Amazing Botswana & Zambia : 8D7N Safari Tour