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(Hong Kong)

(Hong Kong)

Christmas Island 10D8N Diving Package (GA)

OptionalPer Adult (HK$) TimePrice Included
RAV 4 for 3-6 days hire
$490 per day
RAV 4 for 7 days+ hire
$440 per day - -
Orientation tour $360 2 hours Visit the populated centres of the island including Settlement, Poon Saan, Silver City, Drumsite, The Grotto and Tai Jin House. Included bottle water.
Nature Tour
$600 09:00-12:30
Visit the Dales, Hugh's waterfall, The Blowholes and Margaret Knoll Lookout. Included bottle water & light refreshments.
Panoramic Bird Tour $600 Visit Settlement, Golft Course Lookout, Lily & Ethel Beaches, Murray Road. Included bottle water & light refreshments.
Dolly & Greta
Walking Tour
$600 09:00-13:00
Visit Dolly and Greta Beaches. Included bottle water & light refreshments.
Red Crab
Spawning Tour
$600 03:30-07:30 Subject to spawning date around Nov-Jan. Included light breakfast.


Diving Information
Good for: Big stuff animals, Soft and hard corals
Diving Season:

Year round
December to April
at this time the swell season can begin with regular tropical storms, rough seas with heavy mists and dense cloud cover
Best :May to November with little rain, warm sunny skies, light SE trade winds and clear water. Temperatures vary from 22 to 28°C

Depth: 5 - >40m
Visibility: Reaching 50m
Currents: Mild
Surface conditions: Calm
Water temperature: 24 - 29°C
Experience level: Multi level diving ,suitable and any level of experlise
Dive sites: Egeria Poin


Practical Information
Electric Plug: Flat prongs, inverted "V" positioned with earth connector
Voltage: 230V
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