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Maldives Travel Packages

We offer Maldives hottest and newest hotel packages, including international brands and luxury exquisite boutique resorts. There must be something for you no matter you are travelling for honeymoon or anniversary, a sun and beach vacation or to explore the amazing underwater world. We offer a good variety of promotional offers, no matter you are travelling with friends, lovers or your family, you can always arrange your trip in a flexible way at reasonable prices.

Xpert Group Departures

It is not easy to find a group of like-minded friends to travel together, so our high spirited team,  along with our diving instructors and travel buddies, would like to invite you to join us, to have fun and travel around the world. 

10/1 Ben Sir Find Barracuda Pumpheads in Sipadan
11/29 Instructor Andrew School of Jack in Bohol
01/25 Amanda Raja Ampat Woobengong Shark and Manta Ray
03/06 Instructor Andrew Sharks sighting in Maldives Deep South
04/11 Instructor Andrew Raja Ampat Woobengong Shark
08/01 Vicky Komodo liveaboard trip


Explore Africa on YouTube

The Xpert Safari YouTube Channel is newly launched, sharing the amazing Africa with you. Africa abounds with spectacular sights, from Victoria Falls, one of the 3 biggest waterfalls in the world to inland Okavango Delta, from endangered gorilla living mountains Uganda to the savannas teeming with wildlife. Witness the great migration in Serengeti and Masai Mara, or see the whales by the long coastline of South Africa. | Click here to check out the Africa Packages. 

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