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2024-07-12 Sangalaki New White Manta 10D8N Luxury Liveaboard - Lead by Vicky *Last 1 cabin*

Tubbataha MV Solitude Gaia 8 day 7 night**Grand Opening Promotion**

(NEW BOAT) M/​Y Blue Storm 9 day 7 night (EK+MS)

【Grand Opening Aug, 2024】Alor Majestic Voyager- 9D6N Liveaboard

【Grand Opening Aug, 2024】Banda Sea Majestic Voyager- 8D6N Liveaboard

【Grand Opening Aug, 2024】Komodo Majestic Voyager- 8D7N Liveaboard

【Grand Opening Aug, 2024】Raja Ampat Majestic Voyager- 8D6N Liveaboard

【Grand Opening Nov, 2024】Princess Maani Luxury Liveaboard 7/​10N

2024-07-20 Komodo Cheng Ho 8D7N Liveaboard (CX) - Group Departure

2025-01-25 CNY Raja Ampat Majestic Voyager- 8D6N Liveaboard**Grand Opening **

2025-01-29 CNY Holidays Raja Ampat Safari VI 8D6N Liveaboard - Fixed Date Departure

2025-02-23 Maldives *Deep South* MY Felicity Luxury Liveaboard 10D9N - Travel with Vicky Cheung

Alor Cheng Ho 8D5N Liveaboard

Australia MV Spoil Sport 3 /​ 4 /​ 7 Night Liveaboard

Bahamas 7N Liveaboard Package

Banda Sea - MV Sea Safari VI 9D7N Liveaboard

Banda Sea New White Manta 7N Liveaboard

Blue Force One (Leo) Luxury Liveaboard 9D7N

Carpe Diem Liveaboard 9D7N

Carpe Novo Luxury Liveaboard 9D7N

Carpe Vita Liveaboard 9D7N

Cendrawasih Bay Safari VIII 9D6N Liveaboard (GA)

Cocos Island MV ARGO 11 NIGHT

Cocos Island MV SEA HUNTER 11 Night

Emperor Explorer Liveaboard 9D7N

Emperor Leo Liveaboard 9D7N

Emperor Serenity Liveaboard 9D7N

Emperor Voyager Liveaboard 9D7N

Galapagos M/​V Calipso 7N Liveaboard Package

Galapagos M/​V Galapagos Sky 7N Liveaboard Package

Galapagos M/​Y Blue Spirit 7N Liveaboard Package (New Boat 2020)

Galapagos MV Aggressor III 7N Liveaboard Package

Honors Legacy Liveaboard 9D7N

Komodo Blue Manta 8D7N Luxury Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Cheng Ho 7D6N Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Damai I 9D8N Luxury Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Damai II 9D8N Luxury Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Mermaid II 8 Day 7 Night Safari (CX)

Komodo Neomi 7D6N Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Panunee Yacht 7D6N Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Solitude Adventurer 8D7N Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo TIARE 7N NEW Luxury Liveaboard

M/​Y Andromeda 11 day 8 night (MS)

M/​Y Blue Luxury Liveaboard 9 day 7 night (EK+MS)

M/​Y Blue Seas Liveaboard 9 day 7 night (EK+MS)

MV Deep Andaman Queen Similan 6 Day 5 Night (CX)

MV DiveRace Class E Similan 6N/​7N (CX)

MV Febrina Walindi Liveaboard Package

MV Spirit of Freedom 3 /​ 4 /​ 7 Night Liveaboard

MV The Junk Similan 6 Day 5 Nights (CX)

Palau Liveaboard 7N - MV Palau Aggressor II

Palau Liveaboard 7N - MV Rock Island Aggressor

Palau Liveaboard 9D8N - MV Ocean Hunter III

Palau Liveaboard 9D8N - MV Solitude Gaia *Grand Opening Promotion*

Palau Liveaboard 9D8N - MV Solitude One (CI)

Palau Liveaboard 9D8N - MY Black Pearl

Raja Ampat Blue Manta 7N Luxury Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Mermaid II 10D8N /​ 11D9N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Neomi 6N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat New White Manta 7N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Panunee Yacht 8D6N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Safari VI 8D6N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Safari VIII 8D6N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Solitude Adventurer 7N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat The Arenui 14D13N Luxury live aboard

Raja Ampat Wisesa 7N/​11N Liveaboard Diving Package (GA)

Sachika Luxury Liveaboard 7N

Scubaspa YANG/​YIN Super Luxury Liveaboard 7N

Sea of Cortez MV Valentina 5N/​6N Liveaboard Package

Sipadan Liveaboard | MV Celebes Explorer 9

Socorro Island MV Solmar V 8N Liveaboard Package

Socorro Island MV Valentina 9N Liveaboard Package

Sunseeker Luxury Liveaboard 7N

Truk Liveaboard 10D9N - Odyssey (UA)

Tubbataha MV Discovery Palawan 8 day 7 night

Tubbataha MV Philippines Aggressor 9 day 8 night

Tubbataha MV Solitude One 7 day 6 night