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Xpert Holidays was founded by Executive Director - Mr. Wilson Yeung, an experienced travel agency proprietor who has been active in the business since the 1990s. 

Xpert Holidays in order to provide personal & professional services to travelers who are looking for adventurous, exotic and unique holidays.

Wilson leading a team of professional staff, some has been working in travel agencies for more than 20 years experience.

Here is our energetic Xpert team:



An experienced travel agency proprietor who has been active in the business since the 1990s, Wilson has built an impressive experience of exploring wildlife (both aquatic and terrestrial) around the world and is passionate about the environment, wildlife and habitat protection. His "love to share" personality making him to establish Xpert Holidays, a travel agency since 2009 to offer personal and professional advice for travelers who are into adventurous, exotic and unique holidays, just like he does!
Travel Specialists


Director (Shanghai)

Living in a metropolitan city, Emily enjoys stepping into wide open lands and diving into open water. She enjoys the freedom on the savanna and the peace in the ocean. Learning new things and making new friends is one of a fun part in Emily's journey.


Corporate Manager

Specialized in dealing with corporate travelers, Candy is highly detailed oriented and patient on handling complex travel requirements. More than that, she listens carefully to each enquiry. Many clients found these are key personalities on a corporate travel consultant and lay their trust with us. 


Sales Manager

Icy has experience with both airlines and tour operators. With her wealth of knowledge and experience plus good relationship with suppliers, she could offer you very personal and firsthand information of the properties and destinations that she specializes in, and the best schedules, the best pricing for your journeys.


Manager, Adventure department

Vicky is an experienced diver and a great fan of Maldives, Philippines and Fiji for amazing marine wildlife, and Indonesia for its diversity. She is good at bargaining great deals with dive shops and planning unbeatable journeys. Bringing you to venture into the fantastic underwater world and explore abundant marine life like whale shark, dolphins and turtles.


Assistant Manager - Leisure/Corporate department

With over 12 years experience as a travel consultant, Winky learnt that patience is the first thing needed on handling all corporate travel arrangements. She is well familiar with air tickets and accommodation conditions which make her flexible to handle any ad hoc change.


Assistant Manager, Adventure - Diving department

A traveler and a diver, Amanda is dedicated to studying marine life and learning more about the ocean. She loves listening to travel stories, more than that she loves travelling with big group of people. Her dream places to travel are South Africa and Galapagos, where she wants to travel with you.


Senior Travel Specialist - Adventure department


Sales Manager (Shanghai)

Eric doesn’t have a specific travel interest, but that means he is interested in all. Eric enjoys meeting new friends and talking to strangers in journeys, and to people with different culture. Eric is experienced in arranging diving tours and safari tours. 


Diving Instructor

With a career that spreads more than 30 years in the scuba diving industry and a vast experience in diving in places such as Sipadan, Bali, etc, Andrew is now here leading you abroad to be a great diver. Having more than 1,200 diver students and as a course director of NAUI and Master Scuba Diver Trainer of PADI, he’s simply a symbol of quality and professionalism.
Xpert Supports


Accounting & Admin. Manager


Operation Assistant