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2024-07-12 Sangalaki New White Manta 10D8N Luxury Liveaboard - Lead by Vicky

2024-09-29 Raja Ampat Safari VIII 8D6N Liveaboard - Fixed Date Departure

2024-09-30 Komodo Sea Safari Cheng Ho 8D7N Liveaboard (CX) - Fixed Date Departure

【Seasonal Offers】Indonesia Lembeh 6D Diving Packages - Solitude Lembeh

【Grand Opening Aug, 2024】Alor Majestic Voyager- 9D6N Liveaboard

【Grand Opening Aug, 2024】Banda Sea Majestic Voyager- 8D6N Liveaboard

【Grand Opening Aug, 2024】Komodo Majestic Voyager- 8D7N Liveaboard

【Grand Opening Aug, 2024】Raja Ampat Majestic Voyager- 8D6N Liveaboard

2024-03-28 Easter Raja Ampat Safari VIII 8D6N Liveaboard - Travel with Vicky *Full*

2024-03-31 Alor Cheng Ho 8D5N Liveaboard - Fixed Date Departure

2024-07-20 Komodo Cheng Ho 8D7N Liveaboard (CX) - Group Departure

2024-09-14 Bali 6D5N Diving Tour - Explore Mola Mola - Travel with Andrew

2025-01-25 CNY Raja Ampat Majestic Voyager- 8D6N Liveaboard**Grand Opening Promotion**

Alor Cheng Ho 8D5N Liveaboard

Ambon 7 day 5 night

Bali Mola Mola and Manta 5 day 4 night

Banda Sea - MV Sea Safari VI 9D7N Liveaboard

Banda Sea New White Manta 7N Liveaboard

Bastianos Lembeh /​ Bangka /​ Manado /​ Combo Diving Package

Best of Bali Dive Safari 7D6N

Cendrawasih Bay Safari VIII 9D6N Liveaboard (GA)

Cocotinos Manado/​Lembeh/​Combo 4/​5N Diving Package

Gangga Island 4N Diving Package

Komodo Blue Manta 8D7N Luxury Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Cheng Ho 7D6N Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Damai I 9D8N Luxury Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Damai II 9D8N Luxury Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Mermaid II 8 Day 7 Night Safari (CX)

Komodo Neomi 7D6N Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Panunee Yacht 7D6N Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Safari VII 7D6N Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo Solitude Adventurer 8D7N Liveaboard (CX)

Komodo TIARE 7N NEW Luxury Liveaboard

Lembeh Strait 6 day 5 night

Manado 4N Diving Package

Murex Manado /​ Bangka/​ COMBO Diving Package 6D5N

Noah Maratua Resort 4/​5/​6N Diving Package *Special Offer*

Pulau Weh Resort Diving Package

Raja Ampat Blue Manta 7N Luxury Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Mermaid II 10D8N /​ 11D9N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Misool Eco Resort Diving Package (GA)

Raja Ampat Mola Mola 1 - 8D6N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Mola Mola 2 - 8D6N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Neomi 6N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat New White Manta 7N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Panunee Yacht 8D6N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Papua Paradise Eco Resort Diving Package (CX+GA)

Raja Ampat Safari VI 8D6N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Safari VIII 8D6N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Seahorse Liveaboard (CX+GA)

Raja Ampat Solitude Adventurer 7N Liveaboard

Raja Ampat Sorido Bay Resort Diving Package (GA)

Raja Ampat The Arenui 14D13N Luxury live aboard

Raja Ampat Wisesa 7N/​11N Liveaboard Diving Package (GA)

Sangalaki Resort 4/​5/​6N Diving Package

Tulamben + Bali Combo Package 5 days 4 nights/​ 6 days 5 nights

Tulamben 5 Day 4 Night

Wakatobi Dive Resort Diving Package (CX)