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Maldives Luxury Resorts New Openings

We offer Maldives hottest and newest hotel packages, including international brands and luxury exquisite boutique resorts. There must be something for you no matter you are travelling for honeymoon or anniversary, a sun and beach vacation or to explore the amazing underwater world. We offer a good variety of promotional offers, no matter you are travelling with friends, lovers or your family, you can always arrange your trip in a flexible way at reasonable prices.

Peru Never Disappoint

About 30 hours flight away from Hong Kong, Peru is like another world for us. With the dynamic nature and rich ancient culture, Peru is poor yet rich, life is simple, friendly smiles are everywhere in Lima and Cusco, and you won't miss their colorful costumes. It's difficult to keep your jaw close when you see the great Machu Pichu, you will be amazed by the ancient intellegence, that people from thousand years ago built a whole city in the sheer mountains, how was it possible? They also built houses and islands floating on the biggest lake in South America, with plants. Peru has too many to offer even aliens wanted to visit, they stopped by and send us the Nazca lines. You will see much more than that in Peru, so let us do the planning for and you can sit back and enjoy. 

Traveling Japan In Your Own Way

Japan, as a beloved travel destination for Hong Kong travelers, it offers gorgeous food, lovely hot spring, extensive shopping choices, more than that we love the cherry blossom and the maple surface the mountains, it never disappoint to offer picturisque scenes in different season, from North to South. Although Japan is not famous for tough nature, like undefeatable mountain or furious water, it is the perfect place for sport travel amateurs, skiing, biking, marathon, diving, hiking, etc. Xpert Holidays is best in planning special itineraries, we can make all your thinking come true. We welcome if you are travelling in two or traveling in a group.