Myanmar Buddhist Pilgrimage 11 Day 9 Night (KA) Xpert Holidays

Myanmar Buddhist Pilgrimage 11 Day 9 Night (KA)

Price valid until 31Mar19
Minimum 2 adults travel together
Travel PeriodHotel Category
2 pax
4 pax6 pax
01Aug-30Sep18 Standard 14,580 12,480 11,880
01Oct18-31Mar19 14,880 12,780 12,080
01Aug-30Sep18 Superior 15,080 12,980 12,380
01Oct18-31Mar19 15,680 13,580 12,880
01Aug-30Sep18 Deluxe 16,980 14,880 14,180
01Oct18-31Mar19 17,880 15,880 15,080
LocationNo. of NightsStandard SuperiorDeluxe
Yangon 2 Mayshan
Central Hotel
Sule Shangrila
Mandalay 2 Shwe Phyu Hotel
Hotel Mandalay
Mandalay Hill
Monywa 1 Nan Htike Yadanar
Chindwin Hotel
Win Unity Hotel
Bagan 3 Sky Palace
Thante Hotel
(Superior Bungalow)
Aye yar River View
Kyaikhtiyo 1 Bawga Theiddhi Hotel
Mountain Top
Mountain Top


Day 01

Hong Kong/Yangon  KA 250 21:45-23:30

Upon arrival, group will be greeted by a local guide who will accompany you as you
transfer to the hotel.

Overnight: Yangon
Meal: --/--/-- 

Day 02


After breakfast, guide will greet you at hotel to embark on group Pilgrimage Tour.

Drive through downtown to explore the city center and its mixture of colonial and Burmese traditional
architectural designs. You can make few stop during the tour if you want to take pictures.

First visit Botathaung Pagoda, close to Yangon River and said to contain Buddha relics and then
drive along Strand Road to Nanthidar Jetty to see the waterfront, the bustling Yangon harbour, where
ferries leave for Pathein in the Delta and upcountry towns along the Ayeyarwady River.

Continue drive to the glittering 2000-year-old, the octagonal structure of Sule Pagoda, and tranquil
Mahabandoola Park with Independence Monument. The pagoda is surrounded by small shops and
all the familiar non-religious services such as of astrologers, palmists, photo studios, watch repair,
and so on. It is a busy road junction, always crowded with vehicles and people.

You then will have some free time shopping at Bogoyke Aung san market (closed on Mondays and
Public Holidays), best known for its colonial architecture, inner cobblestone streets and wide selection
of handicrafts and souvenirs.

From there proceed to the magnificent a 70-meter long and 16 meters high reclining Buddha at
Kyaukhtatgyi Pagoda. The soles of the feet contain 108 segments in red and gold colors that show
images representing the 108 lakshanas or auspicious characteristics of the Buddha.

Late this afternoon, pay homage to the famed 2500-year-old Shwedagone Pagoda. It is reputed to
be one of the most outstanding religious monuments in Southeast Asia.

This great golden dome rises 99 meters above its base and is covered with 60 tons of pure gold.
According to legend, the pagoda was enshrined with hair relics of the Buddha. 

Enjoy the gentle sound of the pagoda bells chiming in the evening breeze. Here visitors can see into
the heart of Myanmar’s Buddhists as they pray and offer flowers, incense and candles.

Return to your hotel.

**Option: Oil Lamp Ceremony at Shwedagon Pagoda**
- The lighting of 500 oil lamps: $250/pax
- The lighting of 1000 oil lamps: $400/pax
Create a memorable evening with a beautiful ceremony Illumination 1000 oil lamps. Take a long
candle and start to light the handmade lamps, Oil lamps and candles are commonly used in Buddhist
ceremonies as the flame represents the enlightenment of the Buddha and the positive light of his
teachings. By partaking in this ceremony, you are experiencing a special aspect of Myanmar culture.

Overnight: Yangon
Meal: BB/--/--

Day 03

Yangon/Mandalay K7 244 07:00-08:25

Early in the morning, transfer to the Yangon Airport for a flight to Mandalay, the spiritual heart of

Visit Mahamuni Pagoda, one of Myanmar’s most revered Buddha images, a 4-meter-high statue
covered with a thick layer of gold leaf applied by generations of pilgrims seeking merit.

Here pilgrims pray and place gold leaf upon the Buddha, which you are welcome to partake in as well.

Stop at local workshops to see marble being carved into Buddha images, and gold leaf being beaten
into paper-thin pieces.

Mandalay is well known for its skilled craftsmen and as you tour traditional workshops, you will learn
more about the city’s cottage industries. Observe the production of wood carvings, kalaga tapestries,
and gold-leaf where the techniques remained unchanged from those used centuries ago to craft items
for the Royal Court.

Then transfer to hotel for check in.

This afternoon, continue your tour of Mandalay with a visit to Kuthodaw Pagoda, where the Theravada
Buddhist scriptures are inscribed on 729 marble slabs, giving rise to its nickname ‘the world’s largest
book’. Each slab is housed by a small temple and it is amazing to see the whole complex.

Continue to Shwenandaw Monastery, the only remaining building from the 19th century Royal Palace.
This grand teak building is known for its exquisite woodcarving.

You will end today at Atop Mandalay Hill, which is crowned by a pagoda from which you can enjoy a
360-degree view of the city and surrounding countryside.

**Option to visit (without charges):  Maha Lawka Yan Hnain Aung Daw Mu Myat Swar Paya**
Maha Lawka Yan Hnain Aung Daw Mu Myat Swar Paya to witness Buddhist pilgrims grinding thanaka,
which is used to scent water that’s used for washing Buddha statues. There are also many other
symbolic spiritual places at the temple, including a small pond with fish and turtles.

Overnight: Mandalay
Meal: BB/--/--

Day 04

Mandalay-Amararpura + Sagaing with Meditation section at a monastery

After breakfast depart from Mandalay for a full day trip to the ancient cities of Amarapura and Sagaing.

Start heading 11km south from Mandalay towards the ancient city of Amarapura.

First visit a silk weaving workshop where colourful silks are woven. Then proceed to country’s largest
monastery “Maha Ganyon Kyaung”, home to several thousand young monks, renowned as a centre
for monastic study and strict religious discipline. If you visit at about 11 am, you can watch the
procession of monks queuing to receive alms at the enormous Mahagandayon Monastery and they
are eating silently.

Continue to Sagaing by driving over 1km long bridge across the Ayeyarwady River to Sagaing Hills,
“Buddhists studies and a meditation center of Myanmar”, with numerous pagodas and over 600
monasteries and nunneries dotted along the Hills.  

Group will stop at a tranquil forest monastery with many secluded areas for meditation. The guide will
advise the group on the traditional techniques used by the Burmese Buddhists for meditation, before
group relax their mind and start meditating.

Afterwards, group will visit the Zayar Theingi  nunnery, the residence of hundreds of women scholars
and meet the Master. We’ll tour the grounds and learn about their lifestyle and study, be able to ask
questions of the master.

Visit Soon Oo Ponya Shin Pagoda, perched on the highest hill which offers panoramic views of the
valleys and wide Ayeyarwady River.

Finally, today itinerary concludes with a walk at sunset along the 1.2km long teak-pole U Bein
pedestrian footbridge spanning Taungthaman Lake.

**Option: Washing the Buddha image’s face at Mahamuni Pagoda, $50/pax**
Awake early this morning (04:00) and transfer to Mahamuni Pagoda to witness the fascinating ritual
involved with washing the Buddha image’s face.

Overnight: Mandalay
Meal: BB/--/--

Day 05


After early breakfast, leave Mandalay you will travel to Monywa, a charming Burmese town set on
the Chindwin River.

Your guide will stop to give you a closer look at Kaung Hmu Taw, the white breast-shaped stupa built
at the beginning of the 17th C that you have seen from Sagaing Hill, on our way to Monywa.

In the afternoon, take a local ferry across the Chindwin River and take pick up at the scenic Nyaungbin
village. Drive to visit a sandstone cave system in the Po Win Hills.

The Caves of Po Win Daung contains stately statues and richly decorative murals from the 16th through
18th C, though some could date back as far as the 14th. We spend the rest of the afternoon admiring
the paintings before returning to the hotel to rest up for the next day’s activities.

Overnight: Monywa
Meal: BB/--/--

Day 06

Monywa-Pakokku-by boat to Bagan

After breakfast, you will visit the magnificent temple of Thanboddhay Pagoda, a huge Buddhist
temple covered with more than 500,000 Buddha images. Tour continues to visit Boditahtaung Pagoda,
the fast growing forest of one thousand Bodhi trees, each with a large Buddha image underneath, just
beyond Bodhi Tahtaung, you can see a 90m reclining Buddha. This huge image has a hollow cave-like
structure inside and you can walk from the head to the feet. Nearby is the largest standing Buddha in
the world, Laykyun Setkyar, at 423 feet in height.

Then drive to Pakkoku, on the way to Pakokku, you will see the farmers, while they climb up the high
palms in order to make palm sugars and stop at Ma U Ma Le village. You visit to a home workshop
where children are busy making incense sticks, beige with fuchsia tips. This productive village supply
incense for the entire region. The industrious family you visit is also weaving the flat bamboo baskets
used in the construction of the scales so commonly employed in the markets.

Then, continue your journey to Pakokku and arrive in time for lunch.

After lunch, you will visit the small thanaka market (traditional make up for Myanmar people).

Then proceed to the port of Pakkoku and board a private local boat in Pakkoku for a leisurely - two
hour cruise downriver to the ancient capital of Bagan. Upon reaching the shores of Bagan, transfer
to hotel.

Overnight: Bagan
Meal: BB/--/--

Day 07

Full Day Historical Swe Daw Lay Su Legendary Tour

Discover one of Bagan most famous legends as you follow in the tracks of King Anawrahta and his
precious white elephant. The tale states that the King was given a replica of Lord Buddha tooth
and he placed this on the sacred elephant back and set him free. The elephant stopped at four
places around Bagan and later the King built stupas at each of these locations. Thus the local
Burmese believe that by visiting all four of these places in one day your wish will be fulfilled.
The morning will begin with a guided explanation of the legend. Begin on the legendary path with a
visit to Shwezigon, its graceful bell shape became a prototype of later Myanmar stupa.

Continue on to Tu Yin Taung, a hilltop stupa in the eastern part of the main Archeological Park.
As you approach the temple you will be greeted by 500 monk statues which line the road.
The stupa’s elevated location offers fabulous views of the surrounding plains, a unique perspective
of Bagan and its surroundings.

The next stop is Lawka Nandar pagoda, a bulbous stupa with a cylindrical bell and three octagonal
terraces as a base. It is thought to house an important Buddha tooth replica. There are lots of
benches for wide-open views of the Ayeyarwaddy.

You’ll make a stop for lunch before continuing on your Legendary Tour. This afternoon we drive to
the jetty where a private boat is waiting to transfer us across the river to Tant Kyi Taung, the last
temple on our tour.

From the boat, as you cruise across the Irrawaddy, you can see views of the temples in the

We travel by jeep (approximately 15 minutes) through the countryside to Tant Kyi Taung. This
temple is unique in Bagan as it is thought that many centuries ago, Buddha stopped on the hill
where the temple now stands.

Take-in the stunning panoramic views over the landscape below. Having completed the four visits,
make a wish and see if the legend holds true! On the return drive to the jetty we can stop in Tant
Kyi village for a short walk around. Then return by boat to Bagan.

Overnight: Bagan
Meal: BB/--/--

Day 08

Bagan discovering Bagan’s temples and ruins

Then start your time in this ancient temples of Bagan with a visit to the colorful Nyaung Oo Market
where every day the locals come to buy and sell fresh produce and other goods. Continue to
Wetkyi-in Gubyaukkyi, a cave temple with exquisite Jatakas mural paintings and the elegant
Htilominlo Temple noted for its fine plaster carvings and glazed sandstone decorations.

Your final visit this morning is the Ananda, an architectural master piece reflecting the early-style of
Bagan temple construction and containing four 9.5m standing images.  

In the afternoon, you will go to Myinkaba village. The village is also famous for its traditional
Mon-style lacquerware, the secret of whose manufacture has been passed from generations since
King Manuha brought his artisans with him into exile here more than 900 years ago. Here you can
observe the many stages of lacquer ware-making, and how lacquer is applied in layers, dried and
engraved, one of Myanmar’s best known handicrafts and a specialty of Bagan.

Visit Nanpaya, an early-style temple with the Bagan’s finest stone carvings – sandstone block,
visit Manula Temple with gigantic Buddha images, named after the Mon King from Thanton and
nearby is Gubyaukgyi Temple which is noted for its beautiful mural paintings on its inner walls and
well-preserved plaster carvings on its exterior (under the protection of UNESCO because of its
ancient mural paintings).

Then you will take a relaxing horsecart ride through the temple area, winding your way along the
roads past dozens of monuments. Stop as you wish to take photos or explore the temples. Ride
through heading to see the Thatbyinnyu pagoda, named for “omniscience”, Bagan’s highest
temple, the ‘Shwesandaw Pagoda’, 12th-century Dhammayangyi Pagoda and Sulamani Pagoda.
Finally, enjoy sunset from a raised earthen bank at the northwest corner of Nyaung Lat Phat
pond near Sulamani temple.

Overnight: Bagan
Meal: BB/--/--

Day 09

Bagan/Yangon K7 235 09:15 -10:35 - Drive to Kyaikhtiyo

After breakfast, transfer to Nyaung Oo Airport for your domestic flight back to Yangon. You are
picked up at the airport and a 5-hour drive from Yangon towards Kyaikhtiyo, a massive boulder
covered in delicate gold leaf and said to hold a hair of the Buddha that balances on the edge of a
cliff at the top of Mt. Kyaikto, “appears to be falling off a cliff”.  

Late morning, arrive at Kin Pun base camp where you start in the trucks with wooden salts for
benches (will arrange you to sit the seats next to the driver's seat) along a winding road to the
Yatetaung Bus Terminal, the end point for all vehicle traffic. No car, taxi, pick-ups, or buses are
allowed. The route to the pagoda winds up through pretty scenery.

The upper camp to the remaining steep, paved switchback path must be covered on foot about
15-20 min hike. Those suffering from a lack of energy are suggested to hire porters to carry them
the rest of the way in a sedan chair on poles. At the top, head for one of the best spots from
which to have magnificent natural scenery, watch the people offer flowers and incense to this sacred
site and listen to the monks’ chants. Overnight at the hotel near Golden Rock where you are able to
catch sunrise or sunset.

Overnight: Kyaikhtiyo
Meal: BB/--/--

Day 10

Kyaikhtiyo-Bago-Shwepyi Resort-Yangon

This morning there is the option to visit the Golden Rock again to see the rising sun casting its rays
upon the rock. Starting from the pre-dawn hour, local pilgrims gather by the rock to make offerings
in the solitude of the morning. Return down to base camp by the same route on foot and by
open-air truck.

Then drive to Bago, the former capital of the Mon kingdom and visit the huge 55-meter long
Shwethalaung reclining Buddha image, the Mon style 376ft-high Shwemawdaw Pagoda and
Kanbawzathadi Palace, built under the order of King Bayinnaung in 1556, the original palace consisted
of 76 apartments and halls. However in 1599, it was burned down before being reconstructed in
1990 and finished in 1992.

Also stop at Shwe Pyi Resort, this resort included a big lake which is set on the 120 acres compound
and get around by battery car (baggy car) to catch you with wonderful uncountable hand made
wooden sculptures everywhere, small lake, green environment and shady trees.

After visit continue to Yangon. You will be taken to visit the Gaba Aye (World Peace) pagoda which
was built for the 1954-56 Sixth Buddhist Synod, and Mahapasana cave, a totally artificial one.
After dinner, transfer to airport for flight back to Hong Kong.

Day 11

Yangon/Hong Kong  KA251  01:10-05:45 

Depart Yangon for flight back to Hong Kong.


Price valid until 31Mar19
Minimum 2 adults travel together

Airfare Discount (-)
Airline Cathay Dragon (KA)
Date -
Details -
Discount (-) -
Remarks -
Airfare Surcharge (+)
Airline Cathay Dragon (KA)
Surcharge (+) $250 (L/0-14D); $880 (M/0-3M)
$1,550 (K/0-3M)
Start from 01Jul19
Surcharge (+) TBC

Package Rate Includes
  • Roundtrip economy class air ticket between HK and Yangon on Cathay Dragon.
  • Domestic flights Yangon/Mandalay, Bagan/Yangon.
  • 9 nights hotel accommodation.
  • All land transfers.
  • Meals as metioned in the itinreary.
  • Opening truck car fares for Kyaikhtiyo.
  • Private boat to Bagan from Pakokku.
  • Entrance fee on sightseeing tour.
  • $100,000 Zurich Group Travel Accident Insurance (Insurance Plan).
Package Rate NOT Includes
  • Visa fee, Airport taxes, Hong Kong security charge, Airport Construction Fee.
  • Drinks during the meals.
  • Tipping for tour guide & driver: around USD5-USD10 per person per day could be reasonable
    (around HKD40-HKD80, the package tour service charge is of a recommendatory nature).
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